the journey to the center of a soul

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Read it!
From beginning to end this book will touch you to your very soul. Very well written, with honesty, integrity and God's presence all around.

Couldn't Put it Down!
I then sat down intending to spend just a few minutes reading a chapter or two. Before I realized it, I had read the entire book!... As you read his story, it seems to draw you into his world, as though his experiences are your experiences.

You will be moved!
I have so much to say about how this book moved me.

A Must-Read
All I have to say is that I believe that everyone should read this book. It is awesome, and I could hardly put it down.


What does it mean to be searching for truth? Transformed is one young man's true spiritual journey, a journey in which he encounters the various moments of life that made him question everything he had been taught, the very essence of who he thought he was. His experiences will resonate with anyone who is looking for meaning in a world of chaos.

Open this book with an open mind and heart, and go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher. Are you ready and willing to question what you know about life? See what awaits you as you enjoy the journey to the center of a soul.

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Transformed: A Spiritual Journey, published 2015 by World Video Bible School

First edition published 2013 under the title, Conformed, Reborn, Transformed: A Spiritual Journey

Transformed: A Spiritual Journey